The Perfect Bridesmaid Gift: Customised Satin Pyjama Sets

Customised satin pyjama sets make a thoughtful and luxurious bridesmaids gift. They’re practical while being a beautiful keepsake for your bridesmaids to cherish. Here’s why we think they are a staple piece for your big day:

Choosing Comfy Satin

We use stretch satin for our pyjamas at The Sleepover for a finish that is soft, comfortable and makes for a restful sleep. The feel of the fabric is essential for ensuring your bridesmaids will LOVE wearing and sleeping in the sets.

Select Colours and Styles

We offer a select range of colours and styles to compliment your wedding theme or even your bridesmaids preferences. Select styles that suit your ladies personalities individually or set them all up with matching sets for the most aesthetic ‘getting ready’ pics. Consider classic shades like blush or navy, or even opt for a palette that matches your wedding colour theme or location.


Add a personal touch by customising each pyjama set with your bridesmaids names or initials! We offer custom embroidered monogramming, available in three different styles, positions and thread colours.

Matching Accessories

Consider matching accessories! Enhance the gift by including matching accessories like slippers, eye masks or scrunchies. We also have funky heart sunnies to make your wedding day photos that much cuter! Mix or match your accessories with your satin PJs for added effect.

Love letters

Include a heartfelt thank-you note with each pyjama set to express your appreciation for your bridesmaids support and friendship! Consider mentioning specific memories or qualities that make each bridesmaid special to you. Along with your love note, gift your treats in person and take a moment to personally express your gratitude. A heartfelt conversation can make the gift even more meaningful!

Customised satin pyjama sets are a wonderful way to pamper your bridesmaids and show your appreciation for their support on your special day. They offer comfort, style, and a lasting memory of your wedding day.