Our long weekend favourites for a luxe lie in

Indulging in a luxurious lie-in during a long weekend is a wonderful way to recharge and pamper yourself. Here are some long weekend favourites for a long and lazy morning:

Satin PJ’s and robes

Invest in high-quality satin PJ’s and robes for a soft and luxurious feel against your skin. The Sleepover has a wide range of spring and summer appropriate PJ’s and robes to make the perfect long weekend lie in attire! Our faves this season are the Sienna Short PJ Set in Light Blue/White and the Alexa Satin Robe in Dusty Rose.

Breakfast in bed

Arrange for (maybe give your partner a hint!) a gourmet breakfast in bed with your favourite foods and beverages. We love some spring fruits on the side with freshly squeezed OJ!

Soft music

Kick back with some soothing and relaxing music in the background to enhance the ambiance. If you want a change from your usual playlist, Spotify has so many curated options, just search for ‘relaxing music’!

Morning reading

Keep your favourite book or magazine nearby to enjoy some morning reading without having to leave the comfort of your bed! Curl up with a good murder mystery, romance novel or read up on the latest trends in fashion!

Bubble bath

Follow your lie-in with a relaxing bubble bath to continue the pampering experience. Add in some bath salts and bring your book along too. Use one of our cute satin scrunchies to keep your hair from getting wet and leave your hair feeling fresh.

Slippers and skincare

Slip into our Maia Fluffy Crossover Slippers whilst applying your favourite face mask, doing your morning cleansing and hopping straight back into bed to continue your slow long weekend lie in.


Give yourself a mani or pedi with our cutest coloured nail polishes! Match the colours with your satin PJ’s and to top it all off, light up one of our Vixen & Co Candles to have your room smelling sweet and fresh!