Fun ways to bring colour into your wedding day

Colour amongst weddings is trending and the 2023/24 season is upon us! How about adding some vibrant pops of colour into your wedding day too? We’ve got a bunch of fun ideas on how you can make colour work for your special day.

Colourful photo booth

Set up a photo booth with colourful props and backdrops for guests to have fun and take memorable pictures. Add in our Love Heart glasses, confetti or glitter, boas and feathered accessories. Create a coloured backdrop like a balloon wall, hanging streamers, a flower wall and coloured LED lighting.

Colourful PJ’s

Co-ordinate your coloured theme with coloured PJ’s whilst you’re getting ready for the day. Not only will you feel lush but you’ll look lush too! Pick matching, add personalisation or mix n match the colours for extra fun. This is all a great opportunity for capturing candid and stylish photos before the day begins and will set the coloured theme for the rest of the day too.

Colourful decor

Use colourful tablecloths, chair covers and napkins to liven up the reception space. Coloured glassware and plates can also add a vibrant touch. Think about incorporating colourful vases, candles, or even fruits into your centrepieces for a striking visual impact.

Colourful bouquets

Incorporate bright and colourful flowers into your bouquet and boutonnieres to personalise your theme. Consider using non-traditional flowers like wildflowers and garden blooms, this can give a rustic and whimsical feel to your wedding. You can even add colourful ribbons and wraps for an extended effect.

Colourful attire

Opt for a colourful wedding attire, such as a bold-coloured wedding gown or colourful suits for the groom and groomsmen. Bridesmaids can wear dresses in different shades of a chosen colour palette or even different colours altogether.

Colourful food & drinks

Serve colourful cocktails, fruit infused water or coloured lemonade. Think about brightly coloured desserts like a rainbow cake and macaroons or a candy bar at reception.

Colourful exit

Plan a colourful and fun exit! Think about a confetti cannon, sparklers or a balloon release for a lively send off.