Aesthetic Wedding Photography Tricks

Your wedding pictures capture the beauty, emotion and special moments of your big day, so it’s important to get it right! Here are some ideas to chat with your photographer about to ensure you get the most aesthetic shots to remember your wedding day:

Golden Hour Magic

Schedule some of your couple’s portrait sessions during golden hour - just after sunrise or just before sunset. The soft, warm and flattering natural light during this time can produce stunning and romantic images. Perfect for post ceremony magic before re-introducing yourselves to your family and friends as a married couple.

Candid Moments

Capture candid moments that showcase all the genuine emotions. These will be the ones to bring the waterworks when looking back on your special day. These shots often convey the true essence of the wedding day and create heartfelt and authentic images.

Details Matter

Pay attention to the small details when setting up on the day. Think about such details like the placement of the wedding rings, floral arrangements, and table settings. These details can add elegance and depth to your wedding photography and capture all the angles of your special day.

Aerial Shots

If possible, consider using drones for aerial shots. Some photographers already offer this in their packages. Aerial photography can provide a unique perspective and capture the entire day as a whole. They are great for location/wedding venue shots, the bridal party from a higher perspective and even a whole group picture including all of your loved ones together!

Black and White

Ask your photographer to convert some of your photos to black and white. This creates timeless and classic images that focus on emotion and composition, offering a beautifully artistic look that just begs to be framed!

Film Captures

If you’re a fan of retro aesthetics, consider using film on your wedding day. Film offers a quality that's imperfect yet perfect in every way. A great idea would be to arrange disposables on each table, allowing your guests to capture from their point of view as well! Images to be treasured that allow a little fun and laughter especially when the partying starts.

Matching PJ’s

How about matching with your besties for those ‘getting ready’ snaps? The Sleepover offers bridal robes and PJS with personalisation to not only get your girlies feeling and looking amazing before the celebrations, but also to help enhance the fun on your photos when getting all glammed up! Add on our Love Heart Glasses to wear for the post ceremony shoot too!

Remember that while these tricks can help elevate your wedding photography, it’s essential to communicate with your photographer so they can understand your preferences and vision for the wedding album. Collaborate with them to ensure that your aesthetic choices align with all expectations on your special day!