The Night Before: How to have the most special pre-wedding evening with your Bridesmaids

The night before your wedding is the perfect time to relax, unwind, and spend some quality bonding time with your bridesmaids - it’s the moment to create memories and have some fun together before saying yes to your forever. So let's talk about some awesome activities to do on your unforgettable night!

Pamper Session

Set the mood for relaxation and indulgence by hosting a mini spa night. Give each other facials, do each other's nails, or even hire a professional to provide some heavenly massages. Pampering session? Check!

Movie Marathon

Who doesn't love a good chick flick? Select a bunch of your favourite movies or wedding-themed films and snuggle up with your bridesmaids for a cosy movie night. Comfy satin pyjamas and popcorn? The perfect match!

Wine Tasting Delight

Set up a wine tasting station with a variety of wines. Include a selection of red, white, and sparkling wines to cater to different preferences. Provide wine glasses and tasting cards for each guest. The tasting cards can have categories such as aroma, taste, body, and overall impression.

And if you want to enjoy some fun activities together, here are our wedding-themed suggestions:

Love Song Lyric Match

We all know how music plays a huge role in love stories, so we’re going to test how well you know some famous love songs that your bride-to-be loves. It’s the perfect game for celebrating this beautiful occasion!

How to Play:

  • Create a list of famous love songs that you love and their corresponding lyrics. Make sure to include a variety of genres and eras to make it a challenge.
  • Write each lyric separately on small pieces of paper or index cards.
  • Place all the lyric cards in a bowl or hat, and mix them up.
  • Divide the guests into teams and have each team take turns selecting a lyric card from the bowl.
  • Your ladies will then have to guess the song that the lyric belongs to. They can discuss amongst themselves and write down their answers. Each correct guess earns them a point!

Create A Memory Jar

This is a beautiful way to strengthen your bond and create even more amazing memories. Here's how you can do it:

  • Collect a Mason jar or a decorative jar.
  • Sit together in a comfortable space with your bridesmaids.
  • Start by sharing a heartfelt memory or story about each bridesmaid, highlighting the special moments you cherish.
  • After sharing your story, pass the jar to the bridesmaid and ask them to write down a memory or a message that they have with you or about the friendship you share.
  • Encourage each bridesmaid to fold their strip of paper and place it into the memory jar.

And what better way to make the night extra special than by donning matching pyjamas?!

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Long Pyjama Sets

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Personalise Your Pyjamas

Let's take this matching pyjama game to the next level - personalisation! The Sleepover offers the option to monogram your bridesmaids' pyjama sets. Not only will this make the night even more unforgettable, but it also creates a keepsake that your bridesmaids can cherish long after the wedding festivities are over.