Bedroom Trends for Spring/Summer 2023

Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner, what better excuse than to freshen up your bedroom and brighten up your interiors. Bedroom decor trends are not only a good way to bring an added dose of style to your slumber, but also help to make you look forward to curling up after a long day. Here are some of our trips for sprucing up your space:

Soft and Dreamy Colour Palettes

Neutral tones are continuing to be popular, maintaining a sense of calm and escape. This doesn’t have to be boring, think about textures, accessories and patterns that showcase those lovely cream and beige tones. Bringing in those softer warmer tones will bring a sense of relaxation to your snooze quarters, leaving you with a soothing rest each night.

Sheer and Lightweight Fabrics

Consider lighter curtains! Swap heavy drapes for sheer curtains that allow plenty of natural light to filter through. This will be fab as the warmer nights seep in as well. We also continue to see the trend of linen bedding coming back this year. Linen sheets and duvet covers are breathable and perfect for warmer weather also!


Keep the bedroom clutter-free with minimalistic furniture and decor to create a sense of calm and serenity. Hidden storage solutions can help, for example, investing in furniture pieces with built-in storage to maintain a clean and organised space.

Personalised Touches

Display personalised artwork, photographs, or gallery walls to make the space feel uniquely yours. Add all your summer memories into photo frames that match the tonal vibe to your room! You can even incorporate handmade decor items - why not try your hand at homemade pottery to display?


Accessories are a must this season! Think about scented candles to bring a homely aroma around bed time, duck feather throw pillows for added comfort, shells from the beach or small jars of sand for that summer effect, or fluffy slip on slippers and eye masks to treat yourself when relaxing around home!

Summer Pyjamas

Pick up some of our summer PJ sets suited to the style of your new and improved bedroom. Match with the colours of your room and pick from the styles that suit you best! They’ll make you feel super cute before bed and leave you being the envy of all your gal pal summer sleepovers. Choose from a range of satin ropes, satin pjs and super soft sets!

These Spring/Summer 2023 bedroom trends will leave you feeling refreshed in the lead up to warmer months and keep you well in trend for the new season's styles!