Our best picks for the most inspiring chick flick movie marathon

Grab your popcorn and your gal pals and immerse yourself in a movie marathon that will leave you feeling ready to take on the world! There's something magical about indulging in classic chick flicks that ignite our spirits and leave us feeling motivated, so let's rediscover some timeless gems that will uplift your soul and give you a dose of girl power.

Legally Blonde (2001): Elle Woods teaches us that it's not about conforming to societal expectations but about embracing our true selves - and being feminine and intelligent are not mutually exclusive! Elle's unwavering confidence and determination to prove her worth will leave you feeling motivated to break barriers and defy stereotypes.

Dirty Dancing (1987): This iconic dance film is an ode to following your passions and standing up for what you believe in. Baby's transformation from an innocent young woman to a strong, independent dancer inspires us to chase our dreams fearlessly and challenge the status quo. Johnny and Baby’s swoon-worthy chemistry is a bonus extra!

Erin Brockovich (2000): Based on a true story, Erin Brockovich is a force to be reckoned with. With her tenacity, intelligence, and determination, Erin proves that one person really can make a difference. This movie will fuel your fire and remind you that even in the face of adversity, you have the power to create change.

Pride and Prejudice (2005): Transport yourself to the enchanting world of Jane Austen with this timeless adaptation. Elizabeth Bennet challenges societal norms, defies expectations, and fights for her own happiness. As she navigates love, family dynamics, and class distinctions, Elizabeth remains true to herself, proving that embracing independence and intelligence can lead to a fulfilling life.

A League of Their Own (1992): In this heartwarming film set during World War II, a group of women steps up to the plate and shows the world what they are capable of. As they form an all-female baseball league, they shatter stereotypes and overcome obstacles. A League of Their Own reminds us that women can excel in traditionally male-dominated spaces and that resilience and teamwork are key to achieving greatness.

So, gather your girlfriends, create a cosy atmosphere (and maybe throw on your matching pyjamas for the memories) and embark on a journey through these cinematic gems.