How to set up for a sparkling night in to watch the fireworks

Celebrate Guy Fawkes night at home if you’re lucky enough to have a view of the local display with our top tips on how to set up the perfect family night of fireworks.

Choose a cosy spot

Select a comfortable and spacious spot in your home, such as your living room, backyard or balcony, with a clear view of the fireworks.

Arrange seating

Set up comfortable seating options like cushions, blankets or lawn chairs for everyone to sit on. Make sure there's enough room for everyone to enjoy the show.

Fireworks themed treats

Get creative with your snacks by making fireworks-themed treats. For example, you can decorate cupcakes or cookies with colourful icing to resemble fireworks. Set up some sparkling champagne for the adults as well.

Set up a projector

If you have a projector and a screen, consider setting up to display a live stream of a fireworks show if available. Alternatively, you can watch a recorded fireworks display on a larger screen to bring the magic!

Blankets and cosy essentials

Have warm blankets and cushions available, as it can get chilly during the evening. Make sure you’ve got your favourite PJs on too. Consider our Satin PJs, our Super Soft PJs and our Mini PJs for your little ones too.

Bug protection & fire safety

If you plan to use sparklers or small fireworks in your backyard, ensure you follow safety guidelines and have a safe area for these activities. Don’t forget the bug spray too, having bug repellent on hand to keep the mosquitos at bay!